The Diamond Rule

The Diamond Rule: “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”

Think about that for a minute.

Now, try this on for size.  What if … you’re a person who likes pop music and parties and pina colada?  What if you like crop tops, combat shorts and chunky wedged heels?  And what if the man you want to catch doesn’t? 

What are you going to do? 


If you want him badly enough, I guess you will.  But will he respect you any more for it?  Will he want the new version of you?  Will you like the new version of you?  More importantly, will you be able to keep it up?

Here’s the rub: People change themselves because they want to be liked. 

Girls are good at this.  It’s programmed in.  It’s natural.  Millions of years ago, a woman’s survival depended upon being part of the group.  If the group didn’t like her, she was out there – alone. 

Guys, on the whole, tend to cope with being who they are much better than girls do.  They have this ability to be able to make fun of themselves to dress up in outfits unbecoming of them and to laugh at the way their bodies operate.

Girls, on the other hand, tend to be conscious of how they look on a daily basis – hair, hands and hips play big roles in the everyday life of today’s woman about town.

So, if you want to feel more at ease with yourself, the body that you have and the way you present it, try this for a while: be a guy. 

I’m not advocating that you change sex, just think about the way a man behaves, speaks and presents himself.  If you’re unhappy with yourself, your looks, your mannerisms, then pick a guy – any guy – and copy him. 

Does it feel unnatural or awkward? 

To women, men can seem a very strange breed. We can be so completely different.  Even neuroscientists have shown that our brains are wired differently.

Of course, when you take the whole of humanity into account, we can all find a position on a pole the length of a football pitch.  But, in general, girls have a tendency to be able to use both sides of their brain with ease (creativity and multi-tasking), while guys think best with one side (logically, sticking to the point).

The 1950s was a case in point.  With the Queen’s Jubilee in full swing it would be odd not to make mention of the comparison.  Today’s women are led to believe that was a time when men and women knew their ‘position’ in society.  Men went to work while women worked the hearth.  Women looked like women – polka dot dresses, petticoats and pencil skirts were the rage.  Heck, they even did the housework in heels!

In this Western society, more women have more rights, more ability, more freedom – and as a result, more expectation placed upon them.  But there’s also more divorce and more women popping their clogs through stress and heart attack than there used to be. 

Why is this?

One reason can be found in a little hormone called ‘testosterone’. 

Men have it in abundance and it keeps replenishing on a regular basis.  This provides men with the ability to forge ahead, to strike out and to push through the pain for their purpose.  It’s why they are so keen on achieving the big bucks, why they have this undeniable need to control – and how they have this ability to flake out and sleep – wherever they are.

Although women do have testosterone – it is located in only one place in their body: a tiny little sack above the adrenal glands.  And it’s a limited supply.  That means it runs out.  When it does, a common symptom tends to be adrenal burn out.  Eventually, this places a huge strain on the heart and can lead to a heart attack.

And that’s not the only difference.


When we think about this “Do unto others” theme, it all becomes quite clear.  We are all different with different needs, wants and desires.  So, rather than change yourself to be liked by him, you only need to do this – learn by listening.  You’ll learn you can get into a man’s frame of mind not by changing yourself, but by changing the Diamond Rule around:

“Do unto others as they would have you do unto them”   


You can get a bunch of free e-books that you can download immediately that will give you the goss on how men and women’s bodies and brains are different.  You can learn from this knowledge to get the best from your relationship.  Go here:


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