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Failing fast …

Just look at that chocolate covered ice cream and tell me you can resist!

Today, I couldn’t.

I managed to get through EIGHT WHOLE HOURS without any sugar, even though those around me were stuffing their faces with mars bars and gummy bears and spicy Doritos and jam doughnuts and cream caramel digestives.

I trembled, I hungered, I yearned.  The scent of chocolate seemed soooo darned powerful.  Reminded me of the chocolate rubber duck I had – I had to throw the bloody thing away as I wanted to eat it all the time!


But, I was strong.  I resisted.  I said NO!  To the crisps, chocolate, gummy bears and biscuits – the duck was flung years ago.

I almost ran the half mile back to my little hovel called home – and you know I’m not into exercise.  Nearly killed myself in the process!  Not because I was out of breath, but because some bleedin’ lycra lout came speeding round the corner at the moment I was crossing the road.  What a mighty fright!  Urgh!

Worse for wear, I reached my door, scrambled for my keys, opened the door, slammed it on the world and instantly made a bee-line for the freezer.

Quickly!  Quickly!

My hands scratched around amongst the beans and the cabbage packs, to find the frozen treat.  When they my fingers fumbled to open the frozen delight – they couldn’t have been fast enough.  It was the only sweet thing left.  I had binned all the rest.  I thought I’d keep the ice cream lollies in case things got too bad for me to handle.

Today, things got too bad for me to handle.


The darned thing was wolfed down so quickly my oesophagus started somersaulting.

Desperately, I cast my mind back to the cure for hiccups and found that guzzling water, while holding my breath, was good enough.  It did the trick.

Now I feel awful.  I feel sick.  There’s a gurgling in my gut.

Must try harder.

Funnily enough, those are the words written on my Secondary School Report.  Scrawled in spidery writing by my P.E. teacher, my R.E. teacher, my H.R. teacher and my Arithmetic teacher.  Weird.  But no one said that about my art or my English, so I wasn’t that worried about their opinion.

Tomorrow I must try harder.

Tomorrow I must be better.

Tomorrow I must resist.

The trouble about tomorrow is that it’s never today.

Kaye Bewley


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