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Get thee behind me, Fat!

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On February 2nd 2017, almost three months ago, I decided to cut sugar from my diet.  Talk about a task and a half!  I never knew the darned stuff was so bloody addictive.

During the past eleven weeks and three days I’ve put myself through the mill and it has been extremely hard going.  In particular, the mood swings were very impressive in a depressive kind of way.  And, oh my goodness, those horrible headaches.  I even trembled at one stage.

In hindsight, I guess I should have consulted a doctor before I began.  Silly me.  Just thought I could control it all myself.  Well, I’ve managed it so far, but I could have made it a whole lot easier on myself had I planned it instead just of going ‘cold turkey’.

Regardless of the headaches, trembling hands and extreme tiredness, I have managed to stick to the plan.  I believed the final outcome would make the endurance test worth the effort.  In truth, it has.

Overall, my body has shrunk two inches and I am beginning to feel better for it.  No more tight waist band or boobs popping out where they shouldn’t.  No more slumpy laziness.  Where I used to walk three hours a day when my wee pooch was alive, I got into the habit of doing absolutely sod all.  Grief will do that to you.  So, I made an effort to rectify that by putting myself through 15 minutes everyday stretching – in an effort to waken my muscles again.  Fitness experts mention something about ‘muscle memory’, where the muscles ‘remember’ what they used to do – and I’m actually beginning to believe them.

My emotions, rather than my physical body, have been the hardest to get a grip of.  Which is odd, as I’m a trained psychotherapist!  I, of all people, should know what I’m going through as I’m going through it.  However, it’s a little different reasoning yourself out of a depressive slump when I could have sought professional help I guess.  It’s because I know all the tricks of the trade and felt I could apply them to my own mind and body.  To an extent, it has worked.  But it would have been soooo much nicer, and simpler, to have someone on hand to help me through the arduous endeavour that it has been.

Note, I haven’t mentioned weight.  Only because my scales have been packed away in boxes for over two years and, hence the batteries have gone flat.  As I’m awaiting new batteries I’m kind of stumbling about in the dark about that one.   I think, maybe, the two inch loss all over may equate to about 7lbs, but I’m not absolutely certain about that.

Suffice to say, it feels as though I’m half way through the tunnel of fat that has cuddled this body of mine, and have enough persistent dedication inside of me to get to the other end.

Kaye Bewley

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