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Dieting is a pain in the a**

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For almost a year (February 2nd 2017), I have been dieting.  Slowly, sensibly.  What I did was cut out the sugar from my shopping list.  Actually, I did cheat by having two cups of tea a day with one spoonful in – couldn’t deny myself completely.  But, it wasn’t that difficult.  What was difficult was seeing everyone else around me eating.

In the beginning, I yearned for what they were putting in their mouths.  Towards the end, I felt sick of the sweet smell – my nasal passages became stronger as a result.

As a matter of fact, lots of things became stronger as a result of cutting the sugar from my daily routine.  My teeth.  They don’t bleed anymore.  They don’t ‘wobble’ in the gums.  My breath did pong a bit to start with – probably because the body was changing to accommodate the new suffering I was putting myself through, but that went away soon enough (at least I hope!).  My stomach went down, my arms shrunk and I can now zip up my knee-high boots without having to squeeze myself into them.

Yes, I lost a whole stone.  Thankfully, it has stayed off too.  I didn’t deliberately set out to weigh myself or measure myself.  I just ‘measured’ my progress by the stretch of my clothes – no more buttons popping off at unexpected moments now.

I thought I was doing wonderfully well, after having lost a whole stone in weight (14lbs) but still wanted to get another stone off of this hunk of a body my soul is housed within.

At the beginning of last year, it weighed a little over 13stone.  Now it weighs a little over 11stone.

“I thought you said ONE stone?”

Yes, I did.

Just before Christmas – on December 12th to be precise – I went down with the flu bug.  Not the Aussie or the Japanese virus, but the French one (hard to keep up with all these nasty little bugs).  I was laid up in bed for THREE WHOLE WEEKS.

The first two weeks of it, I ate nothing but fruit (melon dribbled with honey, tangerine pieces and cucumber slices to be precise).  That’s an orange ice cube in the picture… it felt sooooo good on the back of my throat.  And that ensemble is on a saucer, yes, and that was all I could eat, twice a day.


I didn’t have any appetite for anything else.  Not even a Christmas roast, which I normally love!  Roast turkey, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings (bacon, gravy and stuffing) that goes with it, not forgetting a cool glass of wine too.


But the thought of it just turned my stomach over.

During the third week (while everyone was watching the fireworks, I was coughing and hacking and sleeping in my cosy little bed), I was able to get up and began to force something more down my throat.  Something that would give me a little more energy and would help my body to fight off the bloody thing.

It was only during the fourth week that I stood on the scales and was amazed to find I weighed 11stone 2lbs!!

I was SO pleased.  But knew that it was a result of not eating enough.  I wanted so much to keep it off – but a diet brought on by starvation is not ever going to work.

Since then, I’ve seen my weight steadily rise again to 11stone 7lbs but I’m determined that’s how it’s going to stay.

The trouble is, I’ve gotten rid of all the nasty stuff from my food cupboard, the chocolate, the cakes, the biscuits, the ice creams, the cider, the wine… and I’m hard pushed to rid anything else from it.  I think perhaps now is the time to reduce my portion sizes.

Of course, there is another way to keep the fat at bay – that dreaded word (and deed): EXERCISE!

It is the only thing I have to get myself back on track with.

This has been a tough one for me.  Why?  Because I used to walk three times a day, an hour at a time when my wee pal shared my life with me.  Sadly, he passed away on April 22nd 2016 – and I haven’t been for a walk since then.  It just feels so wrong going without him.

So, I’m conscious that I need to get that area of my life up and running (or walking) again.

As soon as I have my energy back and I stop coughing – yes, it is still slowing me down.  I’m told it will be a part of my life for another week and then it will simply vanish.

Here’s hoping!


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