About the Author


I’ve known for a while that my writing appeals to an extremely diverse range of people.  Some have said it’s just the stuff to keep you awake and laughing with punch lines that can floor you, while others say that my work harks back to the 50s and that I should stay there.  Still, most say that I tell some amazing tongue-in-cheek tales, have an appreciation of human nature and also a down-to-earth view of myself.   But this appeal doesn’t come without hard graft.  Over the years, I have done some pretty diverse stuff … but I won’t bore you with the detail here, just look up BewleyBooks.com and click on the LinkedIn tab.

My favourite authors are vast and wide ranging – just as my musical tastes.  But I can whittle my admiration for entertainment down to three great film directors: George Lucas, Peter Jackson, Baz Luhrmann.  All of which have masterminded some pretty spectacular stories.  I’m obsessed with Keanu Reeves (incidentally, he hasn’t touched base with any of my three favourite directors – which I consider a great shame).

For more detail about me, look me up on my website http://www.bewleybooks.com

Thank you.

Kaye Bewley


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