kaye-bewleyHi, I’m Kaye, Founder of BewleyBooksPlus.  I write a lot and I can help you write a lot too!

For the past three decades, I’ve gained experience and skills in the media (tv news and film), marketing (products, magazines and books) and publishing (online and offline) environment.  I even ‘returned to school’ as a mature student to earn a degree in psychology.  Now I am making use of these skills by combining them to assist you either figure out what you want to do or, more specifically, help you as a writer prepare for publishing your work.

These roles put my talents to best use in that I help a lot of people in a variety of ways.  Prepping for writing, publishing and promoting a book includes not only how to write and publish, but also how to build your confidence too.

Maybe you feel a bit stressed about an upcoming book launch?  Or is that press conference giving you way too much anxiety to deal with?  Perhaps you don’t feel good enough for the blog tour you’ve just signed up for?  Use my skills to help build yourself up.

Look forward to getting in touch with you.

Kaye Bewley MA


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