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Dieting is a pain in the a**

For almost a year (February 2nd 2017), I have been dieting.  Slowly, sensibly.  What I did was cut out the sugar from my shopping list.  Actually, I did cheat by having two cups of tea a day with one spoonful in - couldn't deny myself completely.  But, it wasn't that difficult.  What was difficult was… Continue reading Dieting is a pain in the a**

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Get thee behind me, Fat!

  On February 2nd 2017, almost three months ago, I decided to cut sugar from my diet.  Talk about a task and a half!  I never knew the darned stuff was so bloody addictive. During the past eleven weeks and three days I've put myself through the mill and it has been extremely hard going. … Continue reading Get thee behind me, Fat!

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7 things to do when your PC crashes

Groan!  Do you think there's any truth in this thing about the Universe making you take stock - by making you take a break? I've certainly had a week of it!  I was just getting back into the swing of writing a blog a day and then my PC went and crashed on me.  Mind… Continue reading 7 things to do when your PC crashes

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Failing fast …

Just look at that chocolate covered ice cream and tell me you can resist! Today, I couldn't. I managed to get through EIGHT WHOLE HOURS without any sugar, even though those around me were stuffing their faces with mars bars and gummy bears and spicy Doritos and jam doughnuts and cream caramel digestives. I trembled, I hungered,… Continue reading Failing fast …

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Why can’t I meditate?

It is February.  Right?  I don't have to make a resolution in January and stick to it from that date on.  I can start anytime I want.  Can't I?  What's more, I don't have to beat myself up about it. I've only just begun the diet thing and it's driving me mad already.  The odd… Continue reading Why can’t I meditate?

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My sweet fix for today!

I don't want this plan of action to be all about my losing weight, but today, it's all I can think about. You see, I'm sure you'll agree, it's very hard to resist sugar.  It's in everything.  And everywhere.  It's particularly bad when people you work with sit beside you munching on custard creams and… Continue reading My sweet fix for today!