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I’m fed up with being a human being

Yeap.  You read right.  I'm fed up with being a human being.  For the past, I don't know how many years (ten, is it?), I've sat on my laurels and let myself go. Horrible admission to acknowledge in public, I know.  But I've done nothing, been nowhere and seen no one.  Nothing of any note at… Continue reading I’m fed up with being a human being


Is there a God?

Throughout our shared history, people have pondered the possibility of an omnipresent Being  present in our lives.  Faith in something that cannot be proved, only through an individual's heart, is an intimate affair.  Whether you follow a religion or are simply spiritual in nature, many have questioned "Is there a God?"  It is no small question, and it is one that rattles a lot… Continue reading Is there a God?